Add more spirit to your team with our Shoe Poms. Made of either plastic or metallic material, these poms come with a twist tie secured firmly in the center so they can be attached to your shoes or pony tail. Available in four sizes 4”, 8”, 12” & 24” sizes in solid or two color mix pom styles only. All shoe poms come prefluffed. 12 piece minimum per order and color combination.



PSP4 - 4" Plastic Shoe Pom

PSP8 - 8" Plastic Shoe Pom

PSP12 - 12" Plastic Shoe Pom

PSP24 - 24" Plastic Shoe Pom


MSP4 - 4" Metallic Shoe Pom

MSP8 - 8" Metallic Shoe Pom

MSP12 - 12" Metallic Shoe Pom

MSP24 - 24" Metallic Shoe Pom

Plastic Colors:

Scarlet Red, Cardinal Red, Crimson Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Columbia Blue, Bright Blue, Awareness Pink, Denver Orange,  Tennessee Orange, Texas Orange, Kelly Green, Forest Green, Aqua Green, Bright Gold, Old Gold, Vegas Gold (Tan), Dark Purple, Light Purple, Maroon, Gray, Brown, Teal, Black, White, Neon Pink, Neon Green & Neon Yellow.


Metallic Colors:

Gold, Silver, Columbia Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Red, Magenta, Orange, Purple, Maroon, Kelly Green, Forest Green, Black and Teal.